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despicable adj
1 worthy only of being despised and rejected; "a contemptible lack of courage"; "A little, wretched, despicable creature, a worm, a mere nothing...that has risen up in contempt against the majesty of Heaven and earth"- Jonathan Edwards [syn: contemptible]
2 morally reprehensible; "would do something as despicable as murder"; "ugly crimes"; "the vile development of slavery appalled them" [syn: ugly, vile, unworthy]

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  1. Fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean; vile; worthless; as, a despicable man; despicable company; a despicable gift.


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Despise means to regard with contempt or scorn.
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  • One of the eight dungeons opposing the eight virtues in the Ultima series

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